Rovers began the season with a 1-1 draw at DLR Waves. What did you make of the game?

We were a little bit disappointed with the result but performance wise, for at least about three quarters of it, we went about our business in a good fashion. I think we only really got going after they scored their goal. But after that, we were well on top and created several chances and just didn’t take them. It’s a missed opportunity for extra points but on such a difficult pitch, it’s still a good point to get.

Much like the men’s game in Sligo that same day, was the pitch an issue?

It is but both teams have to play on it, so if it’s difficult for us, it’s difficult for them. Each team has a different style of play and obviously a better pitch suits our style of play. But having been with UCD for a number of years myself, I’m well aware what kind of state that pitch is in when it comes to March. When you look at the fixture list, you just hope you’re playing there in the mid-summer, when it’s one of the best in the country.

We eventually got the equaliser with 10 minutes to go. Did you always feel it would come?

Yeah, I’d always have confidence in them and that if we create enough chances then we will get the goal. I always have full confidence that there’s no need to panic. Even when we got the equaliser, I was still confident that we were going to get the winner. We did create some chances to try and get that winner but we were just unfortunate on the day they didn’t go in.

Áine’s penalty was the 200th league goal of her career domestically. How brilliant an achievement is that?

That’s an outrageous achievement. It’s an extreme number of league goals to get and the thing about it is, she’s not even finished. I’m sure at some stage I’ll be having a conversation with you about her 250th goal, or getting close to her 300th. She’s an unbelievable talent and it’s those little milestones that goes to show just how good she is.

Summer stepped in for the injured Amanda Budden in goal and Jaime Thompson found herself in the unfamiliar role of right-back. How did they do?

I think they adapted very well for the positions that they were in. For Jaime, I’d like to see her go forward a little bit more but I thought both of them did well. Even with the goal DLR Waves got, the impressive part about Summer is that she was able to just reset her mind and she pulled off some good saves for us, particularly in the second half.

Wexford finished 7th last season and they’ve begun with a home defeat to Bohemians. What sort of opposition are they?

At the end of our game, I went straight down to watch the Wexford game. You leave the game and Bohs win 2-0 but Wexford were by far the better side on the night. They created more opportunities than Bohs did and they have a lot of good threats. Particularly up top, they play with a front three, or four at times. Ciara Rossiter on the left, Ellen Molloy on the right. They have Ceola Bergin and Kylie Murphy, so across that whole front line they’ve great talent that we’re going to have to deal with to get something out of the game.

As it’s the first home game of the campaign, is everyone hoping for a good turnout in Tallaght to support the team on Saturday and all year?

Since our partnership with Women’s Aid and the new season tickets that are on sale this year, trying to add a bit of value to the league, and since we played Athlone in pre-season, I think everyone is just looking forward to getting back to such great arena to be able to go and play football. I know Eoghan O’Meara has been doing a lot of good work with the schools within the area, so we’re hoping to have a good crowd at the game tomorrow.

Which players are unavailable for tomorrow?

It’s still the same with Sav and Amanda out. We will be promoting some of our Under-17s and Under-19s to the squad. It’s a case of trying to have a look at what’s good for today and what we might be able to see in the future as well.