Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I buy a Season Ticket and what does this involve?


A: Season Tickets can be purchased online at or in person from the Stadium Megastore during advertised times (opening hours vary). They entitle the holder to attend all home league games and also come with priority access to away matches and cup fixtures. With a record number of Season Tickets sold for the 2020 season, Season Tickets are now off sale. You can register an interest for the 2021 season here


Q: Can I buy Match Tickets online?


A: Yes, you can – it’s the best place to buy them. We always advise to purchase online as its much quicker than walking up and purchasing on match day. Tickets are available to buy online here

You can check first team fixtures here


Q: Can I buy tickets for Shamrock Rovers II games online?


A: Yes, you can. Great news – tickets are actually cheaper when you purchase online. You can purchase tickets here

You can check fixtures here


Q: How do I log in to my account online?


A: Unfortunately, you aren’t able to log into your account yet. However, we are working with our Ticketing Partner to introduce this ability over the season. Watch this space!


Q: Which ticket price band should I buy?


A: You should purchase the Season Ticket that reflects your age as of 1 February in the given year, or for match Tickets your age as of the day of the game. Our ticket age bands are as follows:


  • Senior – 65 years+
  • Adult – 18-64 years
  • Student – Valid ID from current year
  • Young Person – 14-17 years
  • Child – Under 14 years


Q: Can I purchase a ticket in the Away Stand?


A: Please contact the visiting club’s Ticket Office, they will issue all tickets for the Away Stand. Some away tickets may be available at the ticket booth beside the Away Stand on the day of the game, 90 mins before kick-off. We recommend checking with the visiting club’s ticket office first. You can also contact [email protected] for information.


Q: How can I choose my seat online?


A: All Match Tickets are unreserved seating but you do have to pick the stand you want to sit in. Please be aware that some seats in the West Stand are reserved for Season Tickets, so do not sit in these seats if you have a match ticket.


Q: How can I buy a Family Area Match Ticket?


A: The Family Area is at the North End of the West Stand, the seating is also unallocated. There are a range of activities that are run by a great team of volunteers in the concourse area behind the stand so make sure you go and take a look, ideally suited to children under 11 years.


Q: How many tickets can I buy?


A: Home Tickets allocations are determined on a game by game basis. For group enquiries of 10 or more, please email [email protected]. Away Ticket limits vary depending on the allocation provided by the host club and the demand for the match, these are announced on club channels at the time of going on sale.


Q: I have lost my Season Ticket. What should I do?


A: If you have lost your Season Ticket, you’ll need to get a new one which incurs a €10 admin fee. It is best to advise us at least 48hours before a game if you have lost your Season Ticket so we can have a replacement Season Ticket ready for you to pay for and collect on game day.


Q: On a matchday, I left my Season Ticket at home, or I forgot my print at home ticket, will I be charged extra to gain access to the match?


A: In this situation, you will need to visit the Ticket Booth in front of the West Stand and obtain a paper ticket to enter the ground. There will be a €10 admin charge for this.


Q: Can I change my Season/Match Ticket to another age bracket?


A: If you realize you have purchased the wrong category of Season Ticket or Match Ticket, please email [email protected] and a member of the Ticketing Team will help you arrange an upgrade.


Q: What if I cannot print my Match Tickets?


A: Check to make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above. If you don’t have it download it for free here {insert hyperlink}. Alternatively, present your ticket on your smartphone. The barcode can be scanned directly from the phone.


Q: What if I print more than one copy of my ticket, or a photocopy is made of my ticket?


A: Only one copy will gain entry to the ground. Once the barcode on the ticket has been scanned at a turnstile, all other duplicates of the barcode will be denied entry. If this happens, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant on the turnstile that the ticket has already been scanned and entry to the ground has already been allowed.


Q: Will I have any problems getting into the match using these tickets?


A: No – the ticket you print is valid and legitimate. Make sure you protect it as you would any other ticket.


Q: What if my Print at Home tickets are stolen?


A: Contact us on (01)460-5948 during opening hours or email [email protected] and a member of our Ticketing Team will help you with this. Protect your Print at Home ticket as you would any other event ticket and make sure you keep it in a safe place or print it just prior to attending the match. Alternatively, save yourself the risk of lost/stolen tickets and buy tickets online. Then simply present the ticket on your smartphone and the barcode can be scanned at the turnstile.


Q: When will home games go on sale?


A: Generally, home Match Tickets go on sale seven weeks before the fixture. You can see all games that are now on sale, or future fixtures and on-sale times here


Q: When will away games go on sale?


A: As soon as we have any information regarding tickets from the away club, we will inform fans via all club channels. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding away fixtures.


Q: How can I purchase a ticket for an away match?


A: Some clubs only sell tickets at the stadium on the night (eg. Sligo Rovers, Cork City). Other clubs (eg. Dundalk, Bohemians) send the allocation of tickets to Shamrock Rovers to be purchased prior to the match, with no tickets available at the away stadium on match day.

Members get priority access to tickets, Season Ticket holders follow and any remaining tickets will then go on general sale.


Q: I’ve booked online, how will I receive my ticket?


A: Check your inbox for a confirmation email with the e-tickets attached for home games. You can print the tickets or just show the barcode of the e-ticket on your smartphone at the turnstile. Away game tickets will be available for collection from the Stadium Megastore at predetermined times which will be communicated when purchasing.


Q: I’ve booked online, but never received an email. What do I do?


A: Check your junk mail in case it’s in there. If it isn’t there, there may have been a misspelling in your email. Please email [email protected] and a member of our Ticketing Team will be happy to help you.


Q: I am from overseas, how do I receive my ticket?


A: If you are purchasing a home match ticket, simply purchase online and your e-ticket will be emailed to you. If you are purchasing an away ticket, it can be left for collection in the club Megastore at pre-determined times which will be communicated at the time of purchasing your ticket(s).


Q: When is the Megastore & Ticket Office open?


A: The Megastore is open from 12pm to 4pm Thursday to Saturday. On matchdays, the Megastore is open from 12pm to just before kick-off. Tickets can be purchased in the Megastore until 90 mins before kick-off. Our ticket booths then open and sell tickets until 15 mins after kick-off.


Q: Do you have any car parking available on matchdays?


A: No, unfortunately, due to the limited size of our parking facilities we are unable to offer fans parking. There is pay and display car parking at The Square shopping centre. It is about an 8-minute walk to Tallaght Stadium from The Square. More info can be found here


Q: I want to get public transport to Tallaght Stadium, where do I go?


A: Tallaght Stadium is accessible via Luas Red Line to Tallaght. Take the Luas to its final destination, Tallaght. The Luas stop is outside of the Square Shopping Centre. The Stadium is an 8-minute walk from the tram stop. You can plan a route on the Luas here

Dublin Bus & Go Ahead have numerous buses that either stop at or go through Tallaght via The Square Shopping Centre. Please plan your route here


Q: Who do I need to contact for Disabled Tickets at Shamrock Rovers Football Club?


A: Please email [email protected]. Alternatively, call the Megastore on (01)460-5948, 12pm to 4pm Thursday to Saturday.


Q: I have purchased a home Match Ticket and now find out I cannot make the game; can I get a refund?


A: All home Match Tickets are non-refundable unless the fixture is rescheduled or cancelled.


Q: A game has been rescheduled, is my original ticket still valid for the rescheduled game?

A: All tickets sold for games will be valid for the rescheduled fixture date. We will notify all supporters of the rescheduled dates as soon as they are issued by the FAI. Refunds will also be available in line with the Club’s Terms and Conditions for those who cannot attend the rescheduled fixture once the rescheduled dates are announced.


Q: What is the ticket refund process?

A: Once the rescheduled fixture is announced, supporters have seven days to claim a refund. Tickets purchased online can be refunded by emailing [email protected] at that time and monies will be refunded back to the card used in making the purchase within 5-10 working days. All other refunds will be in person from the Stadium Megastore, Thurs to Fri 12noon-4pm.


Q: I tried to gain entry on matchday with my Season Ticket, but at the turnstile, I was told that it had already been scanned and I was refused entry, what do I do?

A: In the unlikely event that this happens, please got to the Ticket Booth in front of the West Stand and ask for the Ticket Manager. You will need to hand over your Season Ticket and a temporary paper ticket will be given to gain access. The Season Ticket will then be cancelled and a new Season Ticket with a new barcode will be sent to you.


Q: I am thinking of becoming a Member, what do I do?

A: Shamrock Rovers Members Club Ltd run the membership scheme, simply download the 2020 Membership form here, complete the form and either scan and email the form to [email protected] or return the completed form to the Megastore. Payment can be made by filling out the direct debit form, or by a one-off payment made in the Megastore. Any questions about joining should be directed to [email protected]


Q: I am looking to sponsor a player’s jersey; how do I do that?

A: Visit for full details. If you have further questions please email [email protected] or call the Megastore on (01)460-5948, Thurs to Sat between 12noon and 4pm for info.


Q: How do I go about booking in a mascot for a game?

A: The cost of a mascot is €100 per mascot. We can have a maximum of 11 mascots at every home match. We do not offer a mascot opportunity for away games. Please email [email protected] or call the Megastore on (01)460-5948 to make an enquiry.


Q: Can I return a replica Shamrock Rovers clothing item I purchased online at in the Megastore?

A: Any items purchased through the Umbro website can only be returned or exchanged through Umbro directly. You cannot return or exchange items purchased through Umbro’s online website in the Megastore.


Q: How do I get my child involved with Shamrock Rovers youth teams?

 A: Please contact the Shamrock Rovers Academy, which is located at Roadstone. You can do this via email [email protected] or phone (01)459-4569. Information is also available on our website here


Q: What are the Junior Hoops?

A:Junior Hoops is a club for young Rovers fans which offers all young hoops some fantastic opportunities to meet the players and coaching staff and enjoy many other brilliant experiences that they will never forget. Info on Junior Hoops can be found here


Q: Can someone from Shamrock Rovers visit a school or football club?

 A: We are currently building closer and more professional relationships with other football clubs and schools in South Dublin. If you have any enquiries, please email [email protected]


Q: Can I get some information about commercial partnerships or other commercial opportunities?

 A: We have many different partnership opportunities available. These range from commercial partnerships, to match day packages. Our ambition is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with innovative businesses that share our values and drive for success. We’re very proud of the relationships that we’ve built with our current partners, with a European reach the opportunities are great. If you’d like to speak to us about joining the team, please do get in touch. Contact us in the office at (01)460-5948 or email [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you.

Please note that the following is dated July 2020.

We are still waiting on final details from the FAI and Government as to how many can access matches and from which match this applies. Until this is confirmed we will continue our preparations.

Access arrangements and confirmation of seats will only be sent to Season Tickets Holders on receiving this information.


Q. I’m aware the Club has emailed about the Season Ticket Holder process for getting back to Tallaght Stadium but I’ve not received any emails on this subject, what do I do?
A: We only have contact details for the person who purchased a Season Ticket for themselves and for other people. If your Season Ticket was bought for you please check with the person who bought it to see if they have been notified of the process. If they haven’t received anything then please let us know via [email protected]

Q: How will fans be allocated seats at Tallaght Stadium?
A: We’ve worked carefully to ensure that the seat allocation process works in the interests of all our loyal Members and Season Ticket Holders,
This will be our priority criteria:

  • SRFC Members Club Season Ticket Holders and those with Reserved Seats, then Season Ticket Holders who have been with us for two or more consecutive seasons followed by Season Ticket Holders who are with us for the first time in 2020
  • Every Season Ticket Holder will be able to sit adjacent to other Season Ticket Holders from their household
  • Season Ticket Holders will be able to tell us who is in their group that typically sit together so that we can attempt to seat you all near each other but with social distancing measures in place

Q: Do I need to wait or can I just call that Club and/or email with where I want to sit? And to let you know about any special requests for me or my family/friends I attend with.
A: Due to the number of people we need to support this just isn’t possible. Please do wait until the questionnaire is released. We will be in contact directly with those who identify any special requests as we allow for you to share this type of information with us in the questionnaire.

Q: Why are you prioritising access to complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire?
A: From the Season Ticket Holder survey we are aware that more than 70% of Season Ticket Holders typically sit in the same seat for each game. We expect more fans wanting to be allocated seats in the same block than the number we can accommodate with social distancing requirements in place.
As fans complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire we will then be able to indicate where we’ve reached capacity for those blocks and make them unavailable to help fans make the most of their choices.

Q: I am a Season Ticket Holder but don’t have an email address, how do I complete this questionnaire?
A: We will be calling those Season Ticket Holders who we don’t have an email address for to see if they either have one or have a friend or family member who can receive these emails on their behalf. If there is no alternative then we will make other arrangements to get the relevant information from them.

Q: How will the priority to complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire work?
A: The basis of priority for completing the questionnaire will work as follows:

  1. 2020 SRFC Club Members and Season Ticket Holders with reserved seats
  2. Season Ticket Holders for two or more consecutive seasons
  3. First year Season Ticket Holders in 2020

Q: What happens if I’ve just become an SRFC Club Member and don’t already have a Season Ticket?
A: We will include you in the same group as the 2020 SRFC Club Members with Season Tickets (see above)

Q: How do I find out what my priority window is?
A: The date that you are able to complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire will be released and communicated during the week commencing 13 July 2020.

Q: What do I need to do once my priority window opens?
A: When your priority window opens you will receive an email informing you that you are now able to complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire. This email will give you a link to the questionnaire online.

Q. What happens if I miss my priority window during the process?
A. Make contact with us immediately via [email protected] and we will help as much as possible within the principles we’ve outlined.

Q. How long will we have to complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire?
A. The questionnaire will remain open for a week after the First Year Season Ticket Holders have been invited to complete it. So for SRFC Club Members, they will have 11 days to complete the questionnaire.

Q. Why are you starting this process now when the Government hasn’t outlined how many fans can attend (if any) and when this might happen?
A. Allocating seats with social distancing measures in place is a manual task for the team behind the scenes. Also, due to the fact that the Government Guidance on a return to the stadium isn’t clear and the unpredictable nature of the pandemic could change guidance quickly.

This means that the best approach for the Club to be able to adapt as quickly as possible is to gather all of the information we expect to need as soon as possible.


Q: What social distancing measures are you putting in place?
A: At this point in time Government Guidance is for social distancing of 2 meters. Our planning is based on implementing this and also understanding the impact should this be reduced to 1m so that we can react quickly should this happen.
Q: How will we get to our seats with social distancing measures in place?
A: Information on this will be shared once we know fans can return to Tallaght Stadium and we have satisfied all of the requirements needed to gain approval for opening access to attend matches.

Q. How many spectators are allowed into Tallaght Stadium per match?
A. We are waiting for confirmation from the FAI, League of Ireland & Government regarding the number of spectators that is deemed safe to attend matches.

Q. What safety measures will be in place at Tallaght Stadium?
A. There will be a number of infection prevention measures in place such as:

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations
  • Socially Distanced Assigned Seating
  • Limited number of customers allowed in Megastore
  • Bar will not be open
  • Socially Distanced Floor Markings
  • One–Way system in place.


Q: How will you allocate seats for me and the fans that I purchased seats for?
A: In the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire we will ask you to identify which of the three stands you wish to sit in and three blocks in that stand (ranked from first preference to third preference). We will also ask you to rank front, middle and back of the block from one to three in order of preference.
From this point we will be trying to maximise the number of fans we can sit in a block with those in the same household sitting together and distancing in place around them.
Q: What if I’ve made some great friends with the people who sit in the seats and rows around me at Tallaght Stadium – how can I make sure we’re all together?
A: Season Ticket Holders who currently sit together will be asked to identify their group within the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire which will be distributed via email.
We will then use this information to inform where we locate people within the group who can’t sit together, to try and seat them nearby but with social distancing in place. Group sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 12 people.
Q: What if fans want to form a new group, but do not currently sit together.
A: Season Ticket Holders are welcome to group together. Simply complete the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire and identify those that you’d like to sit with in the relevant section.
We will look to allocate seats that most closely fit the group’s requirements, though the area selected may not be directly comparable for members of the group with the best seat location.


Q. I’m disabled or have a specific access requirement, what do I do?
A. If you have accessibility requirements there is a question at the end of the Confirmation of Requirements Questionnaire where you can share any detail with us. We’ll then make contact with you as we work through allocating seats should we need further information to make the necessary arrangements.

Q: As a disabled fan, how will the seat selection process work for me?
A: All disabled supporters, both wheelchair users and ambulant, will be entered into the same process as other Season Ticket Holders.
Q: I’m a visually impaired/ambulant disabled fan, what does this mean for me?
A: Visually impaired and ambulant disabled Season Ticket Holders will be allocated seats in the same manner as other Season Ticket Holders.


Q: Will my Season Ticket Card still be valid?
A: No. Because we’re allocating you a seat, we’re going to send you a new ticket – more than likely a digital version. This is so that you have your block, row and seat details on it in order to make matchday easier for everyone.
We’re also conscious that some fans identified paperless ticketing as a measure they would like to see in place for when we’re allowed back into Tallaght Stadium.


Q: Will we be able to access the Glenmalure Lounge and 1899 Suite?
A: At this stage, we are still working through whether these facilities can be opened. We will advise as soon as we have clarity on this.
Q. Will catering be available in the ground when it re-opens?
A. These details are also under discussion


Q: On matchday I like to visit the Megastore, when will it be open again?
A: The good news is that the Megastore reopened from Saturday 11 July. However, we have social distancing measures in which means limited numbers inside the Megastore.
We’d encourage fans wherever possible to buy online. We are investigating a click and collect process in preparation for the return to Tallaght Stadium and will share more on this in the coming weeks


Q. Will single Match Tickets be available for sale?
A. At the moment, Match Tickets will not be available. Should the FAI and Government deem it safe for more people to attend, we will release match tickets at that time.

Q. I bought a Match Ticket. Am I still entitled to attend the rescheduled fixture when they are announced?
A. Match Tickets are not valid for the rescheduled games. A refund process will be set up shortly. There may be an alternative streaming pass offered in lieu of a refund.


Do you have any questions we haven’t answered? Ask our team by emailing [email protected] and we will add them to the FAQ list and respond directly to you within 2 working days of receiving your query.


Shamrock Rovers is delighted to welcome first-time visitors to experience live football at the best stadium in the league. We’ve put together this short guide to help answer any questions that you may have about your visit.

Please get in touch if there is anything else you would like to find out, we hope that you enjoy your time in Tallaght Stadium, and look forward to seeing you again.



Our home games are in the purpose-built Tallaght Stadium, the most modern and family-friendly stadium in the League of Ireland. It is an all-seater facility, and all seats are covered. The Stadium is located on the N81 national road as well as public transport routes.

Further directions and public transport information here.

There is no parking available on matchday except to car park pass holders – There will be strictly no admittance to the car park without a parking pass. 

Parking is available in The Square Shopping Centre, approximately 5 minutes’ walk from the stadium which is free for the first two hours, then €2 per hour. On match nights, a stand to prepay for parking is available just inside the entrance



Shamrock Rovers home matches usually kick off at 8 pm on Friday evenings. Sometimes, fixtures are held midweek or are moved to accommodate TV schedules. The most up to date information is on our fixtures page. The stadium gates and catering outlets open 75 minutes before kickoff.



We always recommend buying tickets online – our paperless ticketing avoids any queuing and conveniently allows you to show the purchased ticket on your phone at the stadiums’ turnstiles. When not sold out beforehand, tickets are available from the Ticket Booth at the main Tallaght Stadium Entrance. Please purchase online in advance here to avoid disappointment.

Holders of Student and Senior match tickets may be asked to provide the necessary ID on admission.



Adult tickets cost €15, Student and Senior tickets are €10 and Child U14 tickets cost just €5. There is a €2 Handling Fee for each Adult, Senior, and Student ticket, and €1 per Child U14 ticket. If you are going to be visiting regularly, season tickets offer the best value. 2022 Season Tickets go on sale towards the end of the 2021 Season.

Purchasers of Student and Senior tickets may be asked for relevant identification, so please bring that with you.



Home and neutral fans are accommodated in the West and South (behind the goal) Stands. There are some reserved seats for season ticket holder, members, player and officials in the West Stand, these are clearly marked. Otherwise, for most matches, you can choose any unreserved seat.

The South Stand behind the goal hosts our singing section. Enter via Turnstiles Block 5 for the South Stand.

The Family Section is at the N81 end of the West stand in Blocks I and J, accessed via Turnstiles Block 2 (opposite the Maldron Hotel).

Away fans are accommodated in Blocks K & M of the East Stand, with entry gained via Turnstiles Block 1 on the N81 side of the ground.


The stadium is fully wheelchair accessible and features wheelchair podiums in the West, East and South stands for unobstructed viewing. The main area is in the covered Wheelchair Bay in front of the South Stand and is accessed via Turnstile Block 4 if you have a disabled seat ticket.

Parking spaces are available and require pre-arrangement, please get in touch.



The Hoops Food Court hosts a number of vendors, located between the West and South Stands. A range of hot food and drinks are available, as well as sweets, crisps and cold drinks. Vendors include Papa John’s Pizza, the Hooper Hot Food van (burger, chips etc.), a gourmet coffee stand and a sweet shop.

Separate catering outlets are available in the away fans section.


The Rovers Megastore is on the West Stand side of the Stadium and is accessed from outside the stadium. We have a huge range of replica jerseys, training gear, accessories and souvenirs for visitors of all ages. The shop is open from 3pm on matchdays until 20 mins prior to Kick-Off.

Inside the ground, make sure to pick up a copy of our programme Hoops Scene, for just €4. Hoops Scene recently won the Irish Programme of the year, is a great read and is well worth the cover price. Check out some archive articles.



Absolutely! A night in Tallaght Stadium watching Rovers is the best value family night out in Dublin. We have a dedicated family area in the West Stand (N81/Square end of that stand), with different competitions and activities every week to keep the kids entertained. Keep an eye out for pre-match visits from players and staff!

Our catering outlets are well stocked with goodies for all ages, and our toilet facilities are modern and clean.

Children are welcome to join the Junior Hoops – just €10 a year gets you some great Rovers gifts, and brilliant events during the year, including a morning training with the first team! Junior Hoops members have the exclusive thrill of making up the matchday Guard of Honour welcoming the teams onto the pitch. Ask one of the volunteers in the family section for details.



Our matches are fully stewarded — if you have an immediate issue, please approach one of the stewards, who can be identified by their orange jackets. For post-match feedback or issues, please see our contact details below.



In line with other venues and events, backpacks and bags larger than size A4 will not be permitted.

Our formal stadium regulations governing behaviour can be seen here



We hope you enjoyed your visit. If you feel that there is anything that we can do better, please get in touch


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