Promote Excellence, Nurture Talent

The Shamrock Rovers Academy is based at Roadstone Group Social Club in Kingswood, Dublin 22, and delivers an environment that promotes excellence, nurtures the best young Irish talent and produces professional players capable of playing for the first team and beyond. The Shamrock Rovers Academy will develop rounded, well-educated people that are fully equipped for life as a professional footballer or otherwise.


The Academy Plan is a long-term plan which promotes the development of a first-class academy system. It will aim to deliver an environment that promotes excellence, nurtures talent and converts this talent into professional players capable of playing in our first team and raising the standard of Irish football.

The programme will promote technical excellence and ensure financial viability in the future.

“To produce our own players raising the standards of Irish football and ultimately gaining our qualification to the group stages of European Competition.”


The Shamrock Rovers Academy philosophy has the following objectives:

  • To develop players with the required quality and mentality to play for the first team.

  • To optimise the quality of the individual players.

  • To shape the character and football mentality of our players according to the core values of the Club.

  • To identify and recruit regional talented players by providing them with top class training and education.

  • To integrate sport, medical, scientific and administrative functions along with modern infrastructure to achieve the best results possible.

  • To encourage young players to focus on their studies and assist them in that respect.

The SRFC way is a long-term investment into player development – one where the players come first – they are the centre of everything we do and that we try to achieve.

Ireland’s First Professional Academy

The Shamrock Rovers Academy was the first professional youth academy in the history of Ireland with 220 elite players between the age of 8 and 19. The Shamrock Rovers Academy is an equivalent standard to English Premier League clubs and will be transformational for Shamrock Rovers and youth football in Ireland.