The League of Ireland and Dublin Fire Brigade have launched a new joint campaign aimed at bringing awareness to the dangers of pyrotechnics use in stadia amongst supporters.

The campaign which asks supporters to Stay Away from Pyro delivers key messages around the dangers in using pyrotechnics in grounds.

Pyrotechnics continue to be used by supporters at League of Ireland stadia with an increasing number of incidents affecting supporters, volunteers and Club staff reported at grounds.

With pyrotechnics burning at extremely high temperatures ranging from 700-2500c, supporters are risking the following possibilities:

  • Burns to flesh and clothing
  • Explosive effects on persons with potentially fatal damage to the body
  • Explosive effects to structures
  • Acute toxic effects from smoke
  • Impact on head, eyes and hearing
  • Panic amongst packed terraces

Similar to the most recent UEFA report on pyrotechnics, the campaign demonstrates through media engagements and public facing graphic material that there are significant health and safety risks arising from their use in close proximity to other people and in contravention of the safety distances which are specified on the pyrotechnic articles themselves.

All pyrotechnic devices have a “safety” distance which will exceed the available space within a crowded stand or stadium.

The message to supporters is clear from the League of Ireland and the Dublin Fire Brigade -Stay Away From Pyro.

It is not safe for any pyrotechnic device to be used in spectator areas within football stadia.

This campaign is also supported by the Chief Fire Officer Association national body of Fire Brigades.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, League of Ireland Director, Mark Scanlon, said: “It is extremely important that we have launched this campaign and message on the dangers of pyrotechnic use around football grounds in the League of Ireland. Supporters must understand the high risk attached with use of pyrotechnics before we have a serious incident at a ground. We have received reports of a number of incidents involving pyrotechnics and they continuously put our supporters, volunteers and staff working at games in danger. We all understand the visual effects of using pyrotechnics but we are asking supporters to Stay Away From Pyro before we have a serious incident. I would also like to thank the Dublin Fire Brigade and Fire Departments around the country for their support in this campaign.”

Acting District Officer Garrett Fitzpatrick, Dublin Fire Brigade, said: Unfortunately over the years our Firefighter / Paramedics have had to deal with some horrific injuries caused by pyrotechnics and illegal fireworks, whether by them going off in some young person’s pocket, severely burning their leg, exploding in their hands, causing disfigurement to their fingers,  or as projectiles, striking them or others in the face.  All of these potential injuries can and have been caused by pyros and illegal fireworks and all are life changing injuries, or worse.  Also these pyrotechnics burn with intense temperatures and if dropped out of control can cause a fire, especially catching clothing alight, loose debris, or even structures themselves, also creating a toxic atmosphere.  We all know the dangers of fire and the panic it can cause when trying to escape, so we urge everyone to realise the dangers of pyros and for parents to emphasise the significant risk and to stay away from pyrotechnics.”