Since the Derry game, the club has received numerous complaints from residents in Springfield and Old Bawn about the volume of cars parking in their neighbourhoods. There have been issues with blocked driveways, damaged grass verges and in one case, a street rendered inaccessible to emergency vehicles due to cars parked on both sides of the road.

The complaints have also been sent to local media and to An Garda Siochana who have informed the club that they will be issuing parking tickets to any cars illegally parked on match days.

We do appreciate that increased attendances have come at a time when our stadium car park capacity is reduced, the parking spaces in Sean Walsh Memorial Park are no longer available and teething problems have caused post-match delays when exiting The Square.  The club is actively seeking solutions to identify additional parking locations in the vicinity of the stadium and we are in contact with The Square management to find ways to make the process of exiting their car park more efficient. 

In the meantime, we would encourage all match-goers to consider the use of public transport where possible to get to Tallaght. If you do travel by car, our recommendation remains to park in The Square.