What is Clear The Head?

We have set out to create a popular video content series that will deliver engagement, club & player awareness.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Create a popular video content series 
  • Give the viewer an understanding of the people behind the club and the person behind the player 
  • Raise awareness of mental health and the simple message of getting out and clearing your head
  • A repeatable, novel video series for use on multiple platforms 

Shot at the Hell Fire Club at the beginning of the Dublin Mountains, the setup is two characters, one presenter (Graham Gartland) and one subject (for pilot Pico Lopes) with one camera following them as they walk from the top of the Hell Fire Club to the bottom of the car park. The idea is for the characters to have a relatable conversation about life on and off the pitch.  

Hell Fire Club Location – The Hell Fire Club looks over the city of Dublin and is part of the Dublin Mountains Way which passes Whitestown Road. Tallaght Stadium is visible from the Hell Fire. It is an area where people come to take a leisurely walk, to look out on the vista and refresh; a perfect location to Clear The Head.  

Graham Gartland is the presenter of the series, the perfect fit, Graham has walked in their shoes and can speak to the player, the game and environment around both from a unique point of view. The key is to keep the conversation relatable, it can be serious but always positive and supportive. 

The key themes will be around the player, journey, life, what makes them tick, how did they get here, what characters and moments stuck out, lockdown, fans back in stadiums mental health and experiences in football. 

This is an in-house production created and produced by members of the media team at the club with original concept from Barry McCarthy, production and editing by Philip Maguire with additional support from Graham Moran and Mark Lynch.

We hope to release a video every two weeks throughout the season. 

We launch at 6pm today, a sneak peak is available here