Were you disappointed to come away with only a point against Derry?

“We were disappointed. After the game I felt that and when you watch it back I feel the same. We had some really good chances and Alan only had the penalty to face – he didn’t have a shot to save all day. So when you look at all that we’re disappointed to only get a point. But we didn’t take our chances and credit to Derry. They stayed in the game and got a penalty to come away with a point.”

Were the best chances those that fell to Rory Gaffney at the end of the first half and Sean Gannon 10 minutes before full-time?

“Those two are obviously good chances and both should score. There was Liam Scales’ header as well. We had a few headers from corner kicks – Liam’s chance and Sean Hoare. We should at least work the keeper but we didn’t take our chances.”

Another goal for Rory Gaffney. You had hoped that he would go on a run and that was another really nice finish for the equaliser…

“It’s a really good finish. Rory has been playing really well. He looks dangerous every time we’re in the attacking part of the pitch and he’s a really good finisher on both feet. So we’re delighted for him.”

Much was made of the position where the throw-in was taken. What did you think?

“It was really quick thinking from Liam and Rory and they get their rewards. If you look at any game up and down the country there will be yards taken in every throw in so I think Liam and Rory deserve real credit for being switched on and ready to play quickly.”

What was your opinion of the penalty and red card decisions when you watched them back?

“It’s a penalty and a red card. Sean is caught on the wrong side and doesn’t need to make a challenge and he obviously does. It was two bookings and there’s nothing you can do, the ref has made the decision and you need to get on with it.”

Was losing Dylan Watts to a hamstring injury on 20 minutes a blow, especially considering the form he has been in?

“If you lose Dylan at any point it’s a blow but especially when he’s in really good form. He’s been fantastic so it’s very unfortunate for him to get an injury like that.”

Liam Scales was presented with his club Player of the Month award prior to the game. Well deserved in your opinion?

“I think so. He’s been excellent. We all know Liam’s best position is a bit further back but he can play in a number of positions for us and he’s been doing it really well. His attitude has been first class and he’s scored and created some goals as well. So it’s well deserved.”

What sort of game are you expecting at Oriel Park?

“A really tough game. We know Dundalk are a good side and that we’ll see the best of them tomorrow night, so we’ve got to be ready for that.”

In terms of injuries, what sort of timeframe are Dylan Watts and Aaron Greene looking at?

“Aaron is back but Dylan will be another 2-3 weeks, so if not Longford then it’ll be after that.”

Sean Hoare is suspended. Can Chris McCann and Joey O’Brien make it back for either the Friday or Monday game?

“We’ll have to look at them again in the morning. Both have done really well during the week but we’ll have to check on them.”

You had a very young bench on Saturday, which saw Aidomo Emakhu come on for his debut. Do you feel these players are more than ready to step up when needed?

“You don’t know until you put them on the pitch but Aidomo has shown a lot in training with us over a period of time. We feel that he has quality and if he keeps working hard he has a chance to play for this team. We felt that the game on Saturday was an opportunity to showcase what he has. He’ll get more chances like that if he keeps working hard and keeps applying himself in the right way.”

Friday’s match at Oriel Park kicks off behind closed doors at 7.45pm. It is available to stream on #WatchLOI