Q: Stephen, three goals and we made history against Waterford. How happy were you with what we saw on Monday?

A: Really, really proud of the players and how they went about the game on Monday. It was off the back of a tough run of games, but I thought they were excellent and they obviously go and get their rewards with the three goals, clean sheet and they break the record, so like I said, incredibly proud of the players, fantastic achievement.

Q: To break a 94-year-old record is special and you’ve said that it might not sink in yet, what the players have achieved. What did they and the players say to each other immediately afterwards?

A: We knew before the game we had a chance to create a bit of history, we went and did that thankfully, but now it’s about moving on and that’s what you have to do. It’s nice at the time but you have to move on very, very quickly in football. It counts for nothing against St. Pat’s, a really difficult game. It might be something we sit down and look at in 5 or 10 years time, but right now, we’ve achieved it and now it’s about the next game.

Q: The fact that the vast majority of the 31 games unbeaten are wins – 25 wins in total – does that say something about this team in the last couple of years?

A: I think it shows their mentality and the character of the group, to go and attack every game and impose themselves on every game. Like you said, 25 wins out of 31 is quite a record, but again, that’s all credit to the players because it shows their mentality and the character within the group.

Q: Another goal for Rory Gaffney in the first half and once again Dylan Watts is the creator, he made the second for Gary O’Neill as well. Two men who are in great form aren’t they?

A: Yes really good form, I think a lot of the group have come into good form, but Dylan and Rory have been excellent, and they get their rewards on Monday

Q: Danny Mandroiu made it 3-0 in the second half. Did you feel Rovers were quite comfortable in the game and really should have added a few more goals?

A: If there was one criticism of the game against Waterford it was that we needed to be more ruthless in the final third and maybe score a couple more goals, but you’re nitpicking, you have to understand that it’s a game coming off the back of a heavy schedule. The players are not robots, they’re going to be mentally fatigued and physically fatigued at times, so like I said, great win.

Q: It was back-to-back clean sheets for the first time this season. Was that pleasing because it has been our foundation in the past?

A: It’s really important for us. Every thing we do is based on clean sheets. You have clean sheets and you have a great chance of winning football games. That’s everything we do and like you said, it’s great to have back-to-back clean sheets and hopefully we can keep it going on Saturday.

Q: St. Pat’s are the only other unbeaten team left in the league. What do you think their strengths are, and in what areas have they improved on last year?

A: They’ve obviously started really well, they have some really good players that are playing well, so it’s going to be a difficult game. They have threats all over the pitch, like you said, two of the unbeaten teams going head-to-head so it has the makings to be a really good game. It’s one we’re looking forward to.

Q: Our last four meetings with the Saints all ended in draws, three of them scoreless. Do you expect another tight game on Saturday or might both teams go for it?

A: If you look at the games and not just the outcome, there’s been chances in all of the games. Some times it’s a great save or the width of a post from being a couple of goals in the game. I think both teams will approve the game like they always have and it will be a difficult game, it will be a tight game.

Q: It was great to see Neil Farrugia make his first appearance this season against Waterford, but Neil, like Aaron Greene in the first half, had to limp off. How are those two doing?

A: Both struggling. Unfortunately Neil has hurt his hamstring again and Aaron obviously with that tackle, so both struggling.

Q: Aside from those two injuries, is there any more missing out this weekend?

A: Sean Kavanagh is still out. Sean will be another couple of weeks.

Saturday’s match in Richmond Park will be played behind closed doors. It is available to stream on WatchLOI. Kick off is at 6pm