Many felt a draw was a fair result in Sligo. How did you see it?

“I felt we should have won the game. You take a draw with them taking the lead with so little left on the clock but when you look at our chances we definitely should have won the game really.”

You moved Ronan Finn back to right wing back and gave Dylan Watts his first start after his recent good form. Did he offer something different in midfield?

“Dylan did well. Ronan has been excellent in the middle but Sean Gannon had a knock on his knee all week and hadn’t trained so we had to move it around a bit. Dylan was very good and that’s what you want – when players come in they’re ready to play.”

Alan Mannus has so often been the hero so it was a very uncharacteristic error by Alan?

“It was very, very rare mistake from Alan. It’s just one of those things that you have to get on with. It’s very rare so we just have to accept it and get on with it.”

Was Alan a relieved man in the dressing room afterwards and is he the sort of professional to quickly move on?

“Of course. Alan is experienced, he’s seen every scenario that there is in the game. He was obviously disappointed after the game but very quickly you put it to bed. You move on and get ready for the next game which I’ve no doubt Alan will do.”

The team are unbeaten in the league for over 18 months. Did they show why by immediately bouncing back again?

“I think this team has shown quite a number of times that it has tremendous character and belief and they showed it again the other night. We never give up and I think that’s a really important quality to have.”

Danny got off the mark last week and now Rory Gaffney has his first goal for the club. How pleased was he to score?

“He did well, it was a tough finish with his left foot. Rory has done well and had one or two chances when he’s played. It’s great now that he’s off the mark and up and running.”

Sligo defended well in the game but you feel there were enough chances to win it including Rory’s header at the end?

“I think we had two or three really good chances to win the game. We didn’t take them and obviously that’s an area we need to improve on. Sligo defended well and we missed some good chances.”

Derry have made a poor start to the season. What sort of side are we up against on Tuesday?

“It’s going to be a tough game. I think the results don’t tell the full story. I watched their game against Waterford and in my opinion they were the better team. They created a lot of good chances. I was at the game against St Pat’s on Friday and right up until the sending off there was very little in the game and Derry actually had the better chances until the sending off, which completely changed the game. They were playing well so I think the results can be a little false. I’ve no doubt that they’ll be ready to go and try and win the game against us so we’ve got to be ready for that.”

Rovers have enjoyed a lot of success at the Brandywell in recent years, winning on each of the last four visits. Is there something about it that suits the team?

“We like the pitch. It’s a big pitch and we enjoy that type of surface and the spaces that are on it. It’s a difficult game but we look forward to going and playing on it.”

Travelling to Derry just three days after Sligo away. Is it times like this when using the squad becomes particularly important?

“It’s great that we have a game midweek in quick succession but it’s important that the squad is ready because we’re going to need every player between now and the end of the season to be competitive in all competitions. So using the squad is going to be really important.”

Are Joey O’Brien and Neil Farrugia still out?

“Neill is still out but we’ll have to have a look at Joey, it could be a little bit early for him. We’ve no other concerns.”

Tuesday’s match in the Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium kicks off at 7.45pm and is available to stream on WatchLOI