Hard to find positives from last week, but did you find anything that you can take forward into this week?

We have had a review of the game, we looked at all the chances that we still created. Obviously, it’s disappointing that we didn’t take all those chances but it’s still a positive that we are still creating an awful lot of chances in all our games. Another positive was having Katie come in and having such an important effect on the game in the second half. So some good positives come out of it.

Next up is Cork away in Turners Cross. They sit three points ahead of us in the league table. They also lost their last game 3-0 to Treaty. Both teams will be looking to bounce back, can we use this as a line-in-the-sand moment for the team to start again?

Yes, that’s what we spoke about during this week, the next game gives us the opportunity to put the wrongs from last weekend right. It’s an opportunity for us to go and try and get that win, it’s an opportunity for us to improve on how we did last Saturday and it’s an opportunity for us to go and try and convert some of those chances that we have been creating.

Cork won 3 games this year by one goal to nil, so when they get ahead they know how to hold on. Have you got any plan to make sure we don’t concede first?

I think we will do what we always normally do and go and attack the game, we are not going to worry about conceding first. Our main priority is going to be about trying to score first, we will try and make sure we are on the front foot. It’s not a case of trying to sit back and defend. I think we are at our best when we are playing good free-flowing attacking football and that’s what we need to do if we want to get a result down there.

Is everyone available for selection and are there any updates on Savannah and Fiona?

Everybody is available, thankfully there are no other injuries at this time. Fiona has a couple of weeks of full training under her belt so she is getting really really close now to coming into the squad on match day. Savannah has got good positive news this week, we are looking to get her back jogging at tomorrow’s training session so not too far off a return to full training. On the injury front thankfully everything is looking good