It was a dominant display against DLR Waves in the All-Island Cup two weeks ago, in what was our first win of the season. Were you pleased with the performance?

Yeah, really pleased with the performance. We created a lot of chances and played some good football at times, and I think probably the only disappointing part was the scoreline, we should have taken more for how good the performance was.

Was the early goal, a Joy Ralph header, our deserved reward for starting the game so well?

Yeah, it was. The players had spoken about her in the dressing room before the game. They all wanted to start quickly, particularly here in Tallaght Stadium, such a great place to go play. You want to make sure teams fear us when they come to play here against us, so it’s important that we always start in the right way and the right manner here.

Lia and Aine scored the second and third goals to put the game to bed, and Maria Reynolds, ‘Player of the Match’ at the back, helped us keep the clean sheet. How good was Maria?

Maria was very good, particularly for a position that she’d never played at senior level before. She actually looked like someone who has played over 100 games in that position. So she stepped in when she needed to, she read the game very well, and overall it was a real accomplished performance.

Ella Kelly has already got her first goal for the club only a short time after making her senior debut at age 15. She must have been delighted to make her mark on the first team so soon?

Yes, there are some really good players in the U-17 squad. Ella and Katie have dropped into our squad on a full-time basis. We’ll try and feed them in and try and get them as much game time as we can. it was really good for her not just to be making her senior debut at Tallaght Stadium, but also to cap it off with a goal and a good goal at that too is impressive.

Our two league meetings with Peamount were close affairs last season, drawing 0-0 and there was that narrow defeat in Tallaght. Have they improved their squad, and what sort of game are you expecting on Saturday?

Same as last year, I’m expecting a really, really tough game. Peamount don’t make it easy for any team at all. We watched at their game against Galway last week and even though Galway are top of the league, we thought that Peamount were the better side on the day. So if we were to get anything out of it we’re gonna have to be at our best. 

It’s early days but the champions Peamount are in fourth place, having lost two games, and Galway lead the way so far. Does that suggest it’ll be a more competitive league at the top end of the table this year?

I think every team has improved so I think every team has the capability of going and beating each other so you might win one week but you might lose the next. It’s a much tougher League campaign this year. 

The girls would love a good crowd in Tallaght for such a big game, so hopefully they get that support to spur them on as it could make a big difference on the day?

I know we got over a thousand on a few games last year and that support has been really important for the team, it helps drive them on, and it gives them the extra little step. I know you talk about the supporters being the 12th player and it’s a vital ingredient for us to go in and try and be successful.

Aside from Savannah McCarthy, which players are unavailable for Saturday?

Fiona Owens is just back to full training, but other than that we have a full squad.