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It was another 1-1 draw for the Hoops in Limerick. Was it a fair result in your view?

Not by the number of chances I think that we created in the second half. In terms of Treaty, they were very good in the first half they caused us a good few problems but we dominated the second half and it’s more more frustration on our part that we didn’t convert a lot of the chances that we did create in that second half.

It was a pretty even first half but were you pleased with how quickly the team responded to going a goal behind?

Yeah, we’ve done that in each of our three games so far this season. I think the opposition scoring has woken us up a little bit. So I think if I start my team talk now on Saturday I’m going to tell them that they’re 1-0 down before the game starts and see if we can start from the first minute.

It’s a stunning strike from Áine from such an awkward angle. Is your skipper insisting she meant it though?

Absolutely! She scored something similar against Shelbourne last season from a very similar angle on the opposite side. So they are deliberate from Áine. It’s one player that I don’t doubt that if she meant it or not.

Maria Reynolds and Lauren Kelly made your starting eleven for the first time this season. How did you think they performed?

Yes, those two and Amanda Budden came in for a first start this season so I thought all three did well. It’s always a little bit difficult when you haven’t had much game time to come in and try and be at the level but I thought all three did well.

Amanda Budden returned to action but she was replaced by Summer Lawless at half-time. How is Amanda doing?

She’s fine. That was pre-planned. It’s her first minutes since her operation, and there was a planned substitution to be done at half-time No ill effects and she’ll be in contention again for this week.

Are any other players doubtful going into Saturday?

Fiona Owens is doubtful and Jaime Thompson is suspended.

It’s Treaty again, but this time with league points at stake. Do you think their approach will be any different?

We won’t get too bogged down on what their approach is going to be or what their game plan is. It’s just what our game plan is going to be and trying to look to see if we can add some improvement on top of last week, and if we do create those chances, can we finish those chances? But also there are other areas that we still need to improve in. I thought Treaty were very good. Their hunger, enthusiasm and Intensity were all very good and they’re a really tough side to play against.

And are the players looking forward to getting Treaty back on our turf?

Yeah, I think because we left a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get the win. It does feel like a little bit of unfinished business, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to start off nice and hungry, have that extra little bit of desire from the off and not be waiting to go one nil down before we get going. So I think the players should be up for it.

The stadium has had new seats installed in the main stand over the last few weeks and with the four stands it has developed into a top-class ground hasn’t it?

It’s the best League of Ireland ground in the country and it’s a privilege for us to be able to play on it.. We’re very fortunate to be able to have that facility at our disposal and it’s something that we shouldn’t be taking for granted. It’s a place where you should enjoy playing football and a place where you should be looking to play your best football.