Shamrock Rovers F.C. is delighted to support Africa Day and be part of the Irish Aid project at Old Bawn Community School.

Pictured at the launch of a new mural to mark Africa Day in Old Bawn Community School, Tallaght are:

·       Minister for Overseas Development and Diaspora, Colm Brophy T.D.

·       Shamrock Rovers and Cape Verde footballer Roberto Lopes

·       Princess Ibrahim, Transition Year student at Old Bawn Community School

·       Victorica Doyeni, Transition Year student at Old Bawn Community School

The mural was unveiled as part of Irish Aid’s Africa Day celebrations. Transition Year students from Old Bawn Community School inspired the design, working with street artist Arthur Oner to develop the concept, which depicts a portrait of a woman, featuring characteristics of both traditional African and Irish dress. Africa Day is celebrated on 25th May. It is supported by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs. This year will see Ireland’s largest-ever Africa Day programme, with events being held nationwide. For more information, including more pictures of the mural and the launch, please visit