Leading into the season ahead there are a few changes to how fans enter and move around Tallaght Stadium, it’s important that you take some time to read through these before heading to the ground tomorrow for tomorrow night’s game. It’s relevant for both Season Ticket Holder and Match Ticket Purchasers.

It’s important to highlight that we are expecting increase attendances this season, fans are urged to buy their tickets online now rather than on the day. Turnstile Blocks are now allocated to Stands, fans trying to enter through the wrong turnstile will be turned around.

Here’s your guide to making your visit to Tallaght Stadium as smooth as possible:  

Transport to the stadium: Parking at the stadium is limited and is only available to those with pre-issued parking passes. Those with Parking Passes are encouraged to arrive at least 30 mins before kick-off as there are more passes than parking spots due to the number of those that have a pass who don’t turn up. Additional Parking is available at The Square.

Buying and collecting tickets: Season tickets can be collected at a special collection point. This is located beside the main stadium entrance door, just next to the ticket booth, these collections can be made from 12 noon right up until 30 mins before kick-off. Please ensure you arrive early as there are a large amount of collections.
 It’s important to note that we are expecting increased attendances – fans are urged to purchase their tickets online in advance of the day. Match Ticket collections are limited and are only facilitated in advance of the day, these will be available from the Megastore.

Entering the stadium: Those with Season Tickets or Match Tickets in the Main/West Stand will need to enter the ground via Turnstiles 3 or 4. If you’ve got a Season Ticket or Match Ticket for the South Stand you’ll need to enter through Turnstile 5. Away fans enter through Turnstile 1 If you try to enter through the wrong turnstile then your ticket will be declined, you’ll be asked to move to the correct turnstile to enter the ground Tickets can only be scanned once, all our tickets have a unique barcode that will only scan once. If your ticket barcode shows up on our scanners as having already been scanned, we cannot allow you into the game

Access to the 1899 and Glenmalure Suites: This is only open to Members and Season Ticket Holders, the process is the same as 2019. In advance of the game the entry point is from the car park lobby where you will sign in. You will be issued with a wrist band that must be worn to gain entry.Access at half-time will be via entry will be front main stand into Glenmalure Suite again your wrist band must be worn on your wrist to gain entry. For those who haven’t already signed in i.e. pre match, a sign in desk will be just inside the gallery entrance where wrist bands will be issued.

Once I’m in the stadium: Fans will no longer be able to move from one stand to the other, if you’ve bought in the Main Stand you will only be able to select a seat in the Main Stand, the same applies for the South and East Stands. The only exception will be for Members/Season Ticket Holders in the South Stand that have a wrist band to access the 1899 and Glenmalure Suites during the half-time break, these bands must be worn in order to gain access from the South Stand concourse near the pitch to move along the front of the Main Stand and then enter the 1899 or Glenmalure Suites.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in taking this information on board.

Enjoy the match!