About #InspireHER

InspireHER seeks to empower women by providing them with a unique opportunity to be mentored by accomplished female leaders in their chosen field of sports.

This mentorship program aims to offer guidance, support, and invaluable insights to aspiring women in sports, helping them navigate the challenges and hurdles that often accompany their journey.


In January 2023, Shamrock Rovers made a historic move by launching their Women’s team. Demonstrating their commitment to women’s football, the club distinguished itself as the first in the country to extend professional contracts to their women’s team members. This groundbreaking initiative not only signified a monumental step forward for women’s sports in Ireland but also injected excitement into the League of Ireland title race and the highly coveted FAI Cup.

With only a few months left to determine the champions, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the women’s teams as they continue their pursuit of silverware. The mid-season break saw the attention of the nation shift momentarily to a global stage, as two outstanding talents from Shamrock Rovers, Abbie Larkin and Áine O’Gorman, represented the Republic of Ireland in the Women’s World Cup held in Australia. Their participation not only brought honour to their club but also showcased the calibre of talent at Shamrock Rovers.

Now, with their commitment to fostering talent and promoting gender equality in sports, Shamrock Rovers is delighted to announce the launch of the “InspireHER” program. This innovative initiative is designed to shine a spotlight on young women who aspire to make their mark in the world of sport. The InspireHER program is all-encompassing, welcoming women from diverse backgrounds and roles within the sports industry, be it players, coaches, media professionals, or those involved in the business aspect.

Shamrock Rovers extends a warm invitation to the community to participate actively in the InspireHER program. We encourage everyone to nominate a deserving individual, whether it’s someone you know or yourself, and to share the inspiring stories of how you are striving to carve your own path in the world of sports.