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World Cup Sweep Winners

France took away the trophy in Moscow, their victory meant a Rovers World Cup Sweep Windfall of €100 each for Ed Robinson, Karl Reilly, Ryan McDyer and Seamus Stacy.

England’s Harry Kane won the Golden Boot, so it’s a €25 prize for Calum Byrne, Gerry Desmond, Macdara Ferris, Hugh Farrelly.

Some of the sweep prizes were triggered early on in the tournament, with Argentina missing the first penalty of the tournament, that meant €25 for Hannah Dunne, Brendan Murray, Joe Glacken and Gary Parsons. 

Colombia got the earliest red card and that gave Rachel Doran, Michael Andrews, Ger Coppinger and Paul Doolan their prize.

Finally, Panama were the whipping boys of the group phase, their poor performance meant that Gareth Doran, Fran Carroll, Mick Kearns and Ryan O’Connor were cheering them anyway.

We will be in touch with the prize winners shortly. A big thanks to everyone who entered the sweep, it raised €480 for the Shamrock Rovers Academy.