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First Team News

Squad update from Stephen Bradley:


On the 1-0 defeat in Bray:


“It was a strange one. The weather was unbelievable in the first half, it was a full gale and then at half-time it died. It was a real calm evening after that. In terms of the game I thought we had a lot of the possession and played good football at times, we just needed that cutting edge in the final third. In the second half we didn’t play with enough tempo to go and create anything. There was a great move where we worked it really well for Cameron King to get in but unfortunately he didn’t finish it. So that was disappointing, obviously they scored with a great strike from 30 yards but I didn’t think Bray did anything in the game. “




“I think Limerick will come and play now that they’re safe. They have players that can do that, they can score goals. Tosi scores goals when they get runners off him. So it’s going to be a tough game but if we bring what we can bring the result will look after itself. The top 3 was one of our targets that we set out very early as something we wanted to achieve. With Derry slipping up last week it’s in our hands so let’s go and get it.”


Injuries and suspensions:


“We have loads of players out through suspension (Trevor Clarke, Roberto Lopes and Michael O’Connor) and injury (David Webster, Gary Shaw and Lee Grace) so we’re really light on Friday. Gary went for a header and fell (in Bray). His arms were straight out and their defender landed on his arm and he snapped a bone. It was a bad injury. Thankfully the operation went well and he’s in recovery. We’re looking at probably 2 or 3 months. We made the decision two weeks ago that Lee was done for the season. He had a little niggle on his knee and the doc had a look at it. They think it’s fine but I just don’t see the point in taking a risk on it when we’ve qualified for Europe. Obviously we need Lee for next year, he’s a big player for us.”


Red cards:


“I’m as frustrated as the fans are (with 10 red cards this season) because I’m the one watching from the sidelines. We know it’s not acceptable as a group. We totally understand that but it’s not a magic wand that you can wave and it’s fixed in a week. It takes time to fix that. But I believe, other than two, a lot of them have been really harsh. I thought Trevor’s first yellow (in Bray) was disgraceful. The ball is blatantly out of play, Trevor says so to the ref and gets booked for it. Even the second one, the referee knows he’s booked.


It’s not as if he’s kicked him or left the ground, there’s nothing in it at all. You see them every week. Some of the yellow cards that are getting dished out are mind boggling. The best refs are usually ones that use common sense and talk to the players. I’ve played in a lot of games where the ref talks to you and explains that one more and you’re in trouble or this or that, it doesn’t seem to be the case any more. It seems to be that any sort of foul, refs are losing the plot and just throwing out yellow cards.”