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New seating arrangements in place in the East Stand:

Unfortunately, in spite of previous warnings issued by the Club, certain crowd behaviour, including the lighting of flares and encroachments onto the pitch by supporters, has seen the club fined repeatedly.  The total cost of fines for occurrences during domestic fixtures has exceeded €6,500 this season. In addition there was an €8,000 fine and a warning issued by UEFA for people standing in the stairwell in Block M during our home tie versus Mlada Boleslav. These are avoidable costs of over €14,500!!

Due to the repeated nature of these occurrences the threat of closure of the East Stand by the authorities is now very real. The cost to the club of such a step would be immense and difficult to bear.

Banning orders have issued to people arrested at the stadium following pitch incursions this season.  

To prevent the closure of the East Stand and the loud and vocal support provided by our fans we need to take some measures starting with the Cork City game. We will block off some seating at either end of the stand along with meshing applied to seats along the front rows. We apologise in advance to any supporter who will be temporarily inconvenienced by this move. It is the intention that it helps us avoid the closure of the East Stand. The team lives off the support from both stands but in particular the noise and colour that the East Stand provides, we don’t want to lose that!  

Preventing pitch incursions and anti social behaviour could save us €15,000 and allow us to invest this money instead in the playing staff.

Flares and people standing in the aisles and obstructing exits are not only serious health and safety issues, they also detract from our fellow fans’ enjoyment of games.

In the interest of the Club and everybody’s enjoyment of the terrific atmosphere we have at Tallaght Stadium, let’s all do our bit!